Volvo Sedans, years 83-90


Drivers Side (Port side) Passenger Side (Starboard side)


Wire color PIN No. Function Wire color. PIN No. Function


Black 1 Backup Lts 8 Elect. To backup


Black 2 Backup Lts to Pass side Black 7 Backup Lts


3 No electrical 6 No Electrical


Green 4 Directional Blue 5 Directional


Yellow/gr 5 Brake lights Yellow 4 Brake lights


Red 6 Running Lights Brown 3 Running lights


White 7 Fog lights White 2 Fog lights


White 8 Foglight wire to Pass. 1 Elect to Fog Lights





In 1991



Pin 4 went from Green to Blue/brown Pin 3 from Brown to Brown/white


Passenger tail light layout


1156 1156 1156







White socket Passenger side









Hardwiring the tail lights


On the Sockets, I put my wires on the Top side of the Contact tabs. I had to bend the Tabs down slightly, Solder the wires on, then push back up. I didn't wrap them, just laid the wire on to of the Tab.

On some of the tabs, The Tinned surface did peel off as soon as I heated it, with a lot of added Flux, it wasn't bad to run Solder back over and re-tin the tab surface.

I had these little circuit boards made up ( I have about 90 of them sitting around). This makes the wiring on the Connector side easy. Just solder your new wires into this Circuit board, unplug the Harness from the Flex circuit plug into this board and off you go. Unfortunately, The wire I used is expensive stuff but a bit too stiff ( Teflon coated) So I couldn't Dress the wires as nice as I would like AND keep enough relief in them to twist out the Sockets when I need to change bulbs. That's why the wiring looks like crap.

With a little effort I can put Diodes on this Circuit board so my Fog lights act like Brake lights but the Fog switch will only activate the Fogs. I already wired that in up by my Bulb Failure Sensor So I didn't have to do it at the Sockets.

I found sockets ( $3.00 a piece) that snap into the vacant hole. I am going to wire that one for Running lights. The entire bottom row will now be Running lights.







If you want to add to your reference library.

My wiring is slightly different from your doc and also from the haynes.

This what I have

91 240 sedan Made in Sweden edition (we made lots in Canada but not this one)

Port Side

pin #

1 Black Rev Light

2 Black Pass side Pin#7

3 open

4 Blue/Green Indicators

5 Yellow/White Brake

6 Red Run

7 Purple Fog

8 open


1 White/Purple Fog (but not powered)

2 open

3 White/Brown Run

4 Yellow Brake

5 Blue Indicators

6 open

7 Black Rev. Jumper from Driver side pin #2

8 open