Volvo seat Backrest


A. Turn lumbar support counterclockwise to take knob off.




B. Pry off center cover to expose Star Clip. Notice the 4 Ď fingersí holding the Shaft.









C. I took small needle nose pliers and slightly bent the Ďfingersí to relieve their grip on the shaft.


D. Remove trim molding by pulling at the bottom then lifting straight up.





E. There are two sharp points that help to hold down the seat cover, pull material straight down to release.


F.These are Hog Rings. Basically a strong Clothes hanger type of metal.†† This first setholds the backside of the Cover to the Front side. You must bend them straight to release.




G. The second set holds the back part of the cover to thesteel frame



H. Shows where the Hog rings hold to frame.







I. At this point you can lift the Cover up to about the midway point.


J. At midway there is another set of Hog rings to take off.






K. in order to take the Cover off you must take the headrest off. There are these tabs that must be pushed in to release the Headrest.Not too easy.


L. To take the foam off you still have to remove these springs. I found that the Lowest springs, it is easier to take the Spring off the Frame.






M. The mid and upper springs are easier when taking the Spring off the Cushion worked well.



U. If the Lumbar support adjuster isnít working, chances are these pieces of wire are broken. They are a bit thi8nner then a Clothes hanger but you can use a hanger to replace it.


To take much of the strain off the Foam, I added strapping across the back of the Frame. If you remember the oldfolding Beachchairs, this is that plastic woven stuff. I used self drilling screws with a large washer . The foam covers over them so you donít see or feel them.





Frame sticking through Foam