Monitor 422





The Monitor is a computerized kerosene heater.  I bought it from Agway for $1125 in 9/96.  The comparable unit now is $1395 I believe.   The center louvers, where heated air is blown out by a quiet fan at the rear, is laying on top of my taps & dies, which are on my leather shot bag on the stack of my sonís milk crates.  Neatness always counts, I say.   Just not around here.  The lower front cover that goes below the louvers is elsewhere, but safe.



Hereís an odd accumulation at the burner base.  Lab results not back yet.



Here the top panel is ajar and the upper front panel is off.  Down in the lower right corner, M21 is a sophisticated float bowl where the kero comes from the back.  The yellow solenoid on top of M21 is a plunger pump that sends the kero thru the thin copper pipe to the burner. Above that pipe entry is a flame detector that allows start sequence, and shuts down if flame is lost for any reason. The bulged cover at the burner bottom gives access to the ceramic igniter rod.

Back over by M21 is a pressure sensing diaphragm switch that looks for combustion air pressure, and "monitors" the start/run much like the flame detector. The combustion air blower housing is on the back, taking outside air and sending it (under slight pressure) across the bottom and up into the "Combustion Chamber", where the burner pot lives. Yes, a chamber pot.  Behind that circuit panel on the front is a cavity for a removable 1.3 gal. kero tank that, when used, feeds an alternative entry to M21.



Dust accumulation on the underside of the two control panel PCBs. 


The left one with all the dust is near the burner, which may account for the amount of dust compared to the relatively clean right side.




Just got the covers off.  I donít know whatís accumulated at the burner base.



Cover is removed from the burner and heat exchanger.



This is the exhaust outlet that plugs into the wall manifold.



Here is the burner pot with flame ring removed.  Fuel comes in on the left.  Igniter port at top.  Not much burning evident on the right  Maybe due to always burning at lowest of four rates?



Upside down burner ring shows slight heat warpage on upper half.  Iíll replace it.  The 3 ďfeetĒ rest on screws protruding through the burner pot wall (removed in the previous photo).



Old pot and new pot.  Flame ring rest screws can be seen in the new pot.



After cleaning.  Heat fan was removed from the back to clean blades and grill.  Also pulled the combustion fan housing on the back to clean little fan blades on expensive motor.  It had rubber oil hole plugs on both ends, so each got a drop of Mobil-1. 



Closer view of controller card.